Thursday, December 9, 2010

and so we wait

It is that time again.  The next two weeks will be LONG, as we wait for the 25th.  Yes, I'm excited for Christmas - but for a completely different reason this year.  December 25 is the day we can test with confidence to see if this has been the magic cycle.  TMI - sorry, but I'm already starting to get excited and it is still two extremely long weeks away.  I mean geeze, I've already waited 30 days just to get to the 2 week wait.  These LONG cycles are any girls dream when they are younger but when it gets time to start a family they are killer.  Being pregnant this time around would be a blessing - I would really like to be pregnant when the anniversary of my 1st due date rolls around on January 6th.  I think knowing that there is a baby on the way would help ease the pain of that day. 
So say a little prayer, cross your fingers, toes, arms, legs, etc. 
you get the point
hopefully we will have even more cause to celebrate this year!!


  1. Prayer said and fingers/toes/arms/legs are crossed!

  2. Fingers crossed. Wish you the very best!