Thursday, September 20, 2012


HI!  I'm back!  I know, it has been 9 months and for that I'm so sorry.  However, I have been a bit busy.  We have made some major changes over the past 9 months and they have all worked out great and we've ended up in a great position.

Since I last wrote I've....

  • gone back to work, loved it.  Getting to see my friends 5 days a week was AWESOME. I worked with the best group of people in the world. 
  • got a new niece!  Bristyl Kate Roulhac is PERFECT and was born Friday April 13th.  1 day before our niece Emory celebrated her 1st birthday!  We are so lucky to have the 2 most beautiful little ladies in the world to call our own (or to atleast share with their parents)!
  • hated my new boss, learned to hate work and eventually was able to resign!!
  • moved to Bentonville, AR.  Luke got a job with WalMart and he LOVES it!
  • bought a home, sold a home
  • went on Raleigh family vacation, a girls beach trip and have taken several trips to Hesston now that we are closer!
  • celebrated Luke's graduation.  He is officially DR SIMMERING!!
  • done so many other things I can't even remember, being a stay at home mom has kept me hopping.

So as you can see I haven't had much time to keep everyone up to date.  But, I'm back!  William is celebrating his birthday tomorrow and I am going to do a better job of keeping you all in the loop!  Now, to catch you up here are a few pictures to bridge the gap from my last post in DECEMBER!