Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Vacations 2011

Notice that I titled this post vacations.  Plural because Luke and I went on separate vacations this summer, it was a little odd to explain to people so let me try here.  When we found out we were expecting John (Luke's dad) booked a boys trip for them to go fishing in Alaska!  Luke has been wanting to make a trip to Alaska since his sister Mary lived up there in 2007 but our funds have been limited so it was always out of the picture.  But, thanks to John he got to experience the trip of a life time as he has since explained it to me.  I ended up in Hawaii the same weekend with my family which was a complete coincidence.  We went with American Family Insurance, my dad is an agent and had qualified for this trip and it just so happened that it was the same week as the Alaska "boys" trip.  I of course wasn't going to say no to an expenses paid trip to Hawaii and the same went for Luke and the Alaska trip so we decided to divide and conquer.  We both had a blast and while we missed each other it was well worth it to get to take these last trips before William gets here!

Caution: picture overload below!




this guy decided to go fishing with them!
Can you imagine watching him fish from a few feet away! AMAZING

tractors taking the boat to the water :)

Family Picture 
Mom and Dad
typical mom and dad ;)
on our snorkel trip
a little love for William

I'm being brave and showing you this just because I didn't put a different 28 week picture up. Please be kind :)
kissing my new friend :)

mom and sisters - aren't they cuties!
best sisters a girl could ask for!

on the zip line trip, I stayed back at the resort and soaked up some rays
Dinner - usually my favorite part of the day ;)
on the waterfall tour - I got car sick and had to be taken back to the resort so I didn't get to see any waterfall :(

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