Sunday, September 18, 2011

37/38 Weeks

Ok so I am a slacker, and I'm pregnant with a bad head cold so this is really late and will be a free for all instead of a nice organized recollection of the past few weeks.
37 weeks
Right now I am a little over 38 weeks.  Less than 2 weeks until our due date and honestly I'm not sure I can make it that long.  Please start saying your prayers, crossing your fingers, toes, eyes, anything and everything you can to help get Mr. William here is appreciated.  I'm willing to try just about anything except castor oil to get him here.  I blame the majority of the misery on the cold but I know there is more too it, I just hate blaming my little guy so I blame the cold.
Last week we got to spend a few hours in the labor and delivery ward at the hospital hooked up to monitors.  My incredibly active little boy has begun to slow his movements down over the past few weeks but last weekend he decided to STOP moving.  I really tried not to worry and to follow the directions in my "what to expect" book.  After about 3 hours on Saturday we got him to give us a small wiggle with the help of incubus.  
the headphones we were once able to place on my belly no longer fit so we improvised with painters tape and ear buds!
Sunday he was inactive again and long story short after not hearing a heartbeat at the Drs office we ended up on the monitors in L&D for a few hours.  Mr. William is doing fine, has a very healthy heart beat but is just too darn tight to wiggle around anymore.  I still feel him a few times a day which is reassuring but it is not anything more than a slight flutter!  Time to get him out safe and sound!!!
At our Dr. appointment we were dilated to 1 - not as much progress as I was hoping for but, what can you do? 
According to google ;) there are quite a few things you can do to induce labor.  I'm not willing to try them all but I have done LOTS of walking and even jogged/waddled a few laps at Cook park this afternoon trying to rock this little boy out.  
I even asked Luke to do some reflexology and acupressure on what used to be my ankles and feet to try and get him here.  That didn't last long because I had a breakdown when he couldn't take it seriously!  I lost it.  I cried because my husband wouldn't be serious while rubbing my ankles - 4 finger widths above my non existent ankle bone.
  post breakdown before I got back in the saddle and walked it off
Then I was laughing and crying and it was the end of the reflexology and back outside for more walking!
 Walking with my phone, ipod and a cup of ice water!  Very intense!

Ok - long story short, I'm miserable.  I'm impatient and very ready to meet our little one and I'm hoping and praying for tears at our appointment on Tuesday.  I hear he can't say no to a crying pregnant patient.  Even better would be that labor will start naturally before our Tuesday appointment!!  
Now - I'm off to walk/jog/induce labor any way possible.  I'm open to suggestions!!!

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  1. Aw, you poor thing. I hear sex and Taco Bueno are the two things guaranteed to bring on labor. I would suggest them in that order, too! haha