Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Month 2 in Pictures

Because I'm going back to work tomorrow and I don't feel like doing much else but cuddling with my sweet little man I'll update you on month 2 with pictures.  And, don't pretend to be hurt or offended! I know that's all you care about anyway!

cutest pumpkin ever

6 weeks old with grammy

look at those cheeks
showing off my skills - you can"t tell but he has a firm hold on the ring on the toy! 

checking out uncle Phil

cheering for the Pokes with Mims

trying to keep up

we played HARD!

Williams favorite place to nap!
game time

nap time

we get lots and lots of tummy time

helping dad clean

playing with aunt Mary

favorite time of the day for the Simmering family!  William takes over our bed every morning while daddy gets ready for work
trying out my table and chair from Papa

more tummy time

can't even believe it's been 2 month!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, he looks so grown up already! I need to meet him!

  2. What a handsome little guy! He is getting so big.