Thursday, November 11, 2010

Call Me Crazy

But I love these 2 like you wouldn't believe!!
I just picked them up from the groomers, which is one of my favorite things to do!  First off they are clean and just too darn cute plus they are so excited to see me!  They come tearing out of the back like they just can't wait one more minute.  I love that Kato can't stand still because her tail is wagging so hard and Buddy makes a crazy crying noise because he can't contain his excitement!  I think maybe they love me too, just a tad ;)
I love that they will 
cuddle for hours
keep all of my secrets
sit on the couch with me all day if I'm on bed rest
or if I just want to be lazy
run around the backyard on a beautiful day
play fetch whenever I throw a toy
love whatever I cook - even if it isn't for them
run when I say "kisses"
but give me them when they know I need it
Right now they are guarding me, as I sit at the computer they are on either side at high alert of any and every sound.  It's no wonder we spoil them rotten, they do the same to us!

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