Monday, November 8, 2010

Ups and Downs of a Dallas Wedding Weekend

Overall we had a Great Weekend in Dallas.  We left Ruston early afternoon on Friday to allow time to stop and pick up a tux for Luke.  We found the place with relative ease and made it to the hotel with time to shower and clean up before rehearsal dinner.  The dinner was at Blue Mesa Grill in Plano, TX.  We had some great mexican food and entertainment.  Bill's mom did a great job with the rehearsal, sadly his dad is in the hospital in Oklahoma battling cancer and couldn't make it to the wedding festivities.  After dinner and a walk through at the church we headed to relatives of the bride for desserts and socializing.  It was so great to see all of our Minnesota friends again.  I hadn't seem most of them since we moved out of our apartment in Mankato over a year ago.  Having some time to catch up with this group was such a treat.  Saturday was wedding day, and also OSU football day.  Luke and I woke up early as always and went for a nice drive around Plano.  (We decided we could live here after he graduates :))  We stayed in such a great area, we had everything we needed with in walking distance.  We met up with the guys in the wedding party to watch the football game and get lunch before they headed back to the hotel to get ready.  Since the wedding wasn't until 7:30 I had most of the afternoon to myself.  We had lost our camera charger a few weeks earlier so I drove around to 2 Targets a Wal-Mart and finally found what we needed at Best Buy.  It was a hectic afternoon of Dallas traffic but I have conquered my fear of driving in Dallas.  I also had to make a run between the wedding and the reception to the hotel because Luke left his tux bag outside on a park bench with his clothes in it, including wallet and other items he didn't want stolen.  Luckily someone had picked the bag up and turned it into the hotel desk.  When I get to the reception I reach into the back seat to get something out of his tux bag and drop my keys on the the seat, not thinking I hop out and lock the doors.  KEYS INSIDE!  Yep, take me back to HS when I did this everyday, I was so sad, I thought I was going to have to pay a ridiculously expensive locksmith to come and open my doors, but luckily Beka is an expert car jacker and was able to break into my car in minutes flat.  She saved the day!  I've never been so relieved in my life!  Disaster avoided.  The rest of the night was great.  Dinner, Dancing and Friends.  We couldn't have asked for a better weekend.  We woke up bright and early Sunday morning to head back to Ruston.  Made a stop in Shreveport to drop off the tux and decided to grab lunch at Buffalo Wild Wing. (Sidenote: we felt this was appropriate as we used to eat at Buffalo Wild Wing with the Mankato crew atleast once a week, so it seemed a fitting place to end the weekend. )  Sadly I left my purse on the back of my chair and didn't realize until hours after we got home!! Again, we were saved by a friend.  DeAnn was in Shreveport and headed back to Ruston so she was able to bring my purse which had my wallet, camera, nook, cell phone, etc in it to Luke the next day!  Disaster avoided, again!  
We had such a great time, and handled our almost disasters with the help of great friends.  Just makes us that much more thankful for the wonderful relationships we have made over the past few years!
Enjoy some pictures from the weekend, and Congrats Bill and Erica Gerber!

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