Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sad Sad Story

My little sister told me a sad story last night of a girl that threw away her baby!  That is right people, a girl that she used to have class with delivered a baby boy in her bathtub and then put him in a plastic bag and threw him away in a dumpster across town! 
She then proceded to go to work. 
Here is the worst part, in Kansas there is a safe haven law that allows parents to drop off babies up to 45 days old at any fire department, medical facility or health department.  Why in the world would you drop the baby in a dumpster when you know there are NO consequences to dropping the baby off at a place where it can be cared for?
Call me cruel but I'm all for having this girl steralized while fully concious, this is the extent to which I have mentally punished her at this point, but I'm sure I will think of plenty more ways in which she should pay for her actions!  She is being charged with attempted murder, I'm not sure what the sentence for that is but I hope she is too old to procreate if/when she is released!
I was so upset when Lauren told me this story last night!  Who would do something like this.  People are struggling everyday to have children of their own, tons of people looking to adopt infants and she chooses to let hers die!  I'm getting mad just thinking about it again!  And then there is the part of me that asks why?!?!  Why can a girl like this have a baby!?! Luke and I would be GREAT parents (in my opinion) and we have trouble with the whole pregnancy/miscarriage thing and then someone like this is able to get pregnant, stay pregnant and deliver a healthy baby only to throw it away!

I saw this picture this morning and it was a nice reminder that we aren't being punished and when we do have a little one the reward will be so sweet!

I'm learning to live with life not being fair, but sometimes it just makes me so darn mad!
Then I just remember all of the things I have to be thankful for and life doesn't seem quite so bad anymore!

Happy Hump Day



  1. Hang in there Morgan! Jesse and I have been keeping you all in our thoughts. Someday you will be rewarded and you will make awesome parents :)
    This is a terrible story, some women are just stupid, scared, confused, etc, but really there is no excuse for throwing your baby away.
    Wish I could have been with Jesse last weekend to see you all, he said everyone had a good time catching up.

  2. ohh Morgan....sweetie, God has timing for everything. It is hard when we want it now, but God will reward you beyond belief when you least expect it. I pray for you everyday that he will give you strength and comfort through this and as for that horrible woman....My heart breaks for her. That is a very sad woman that I have no sympathy for.