Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grandpa Neufeld

First, let me introduce you to my grandpa, my one and only!  He is the adorable guy in the bow tie.  Isn't he just the cutest grandpa a girl could ask for?  I guess since I only got 1 I got the best there is.  Ignore everyone else, it looks like we were talking or something :)

My grandpa is sick, he is in the hospital in Wichita, KS.  10 hours away from where I live :(  Last time grandpa was in the hospital I worked just a few miles away so I got to go and spend my lunch hour with him.  Let me give you some background on grandpa's history.
Grandpa is a farmer, and being in KS wheat is his main crop.  As he got older he started having to interupt harvest to go to the bathroom so the summer of 1994 he stopped drinking during the long days on the tractor.  This worked, and he was able to avoid those dreaded bathroom breaks, what he also managed to do was damage his kidneys so much so that they shut down!  He spent a few weeks in the hospital being nursed back to health and promising to drink more when it is 110 degrees outside.
Fastforward 13 years to June of 2007, grandpa does the same thing but much worse.  He doesn't feel good for a few days and before you know it he has lost muscle control and is being rushed to the ER.  He spent a few weeks in the ICU and then a few more weeks in a rehab wing of St. Francis in Wichita.  When he was discharged he was still on dialysis and the Doctors fully expected him to be dependent on dialysis for the remainder of his life.  But, by some miracle his kidneys regained function and he was given a 3rd chance.
Fastforward a few years and grandma and grandpa are in Russia visiting the villages that our ancestors lived in.  They saw the village that my great grandpa and great great grandpa lived in before coming to KS.  Grandpa was not fond of the bathroom situation and the bland food so he stoped eating and drinking.  Not a good decision.  He gets sick. In Russia.  Grandma makes a good call and ends the trip early.  They frantically make their way back to the good ole U.S of A where they are greated by some unhappy folks(my parents/aunts and uncles) who insist that grandpa go to the ER, he refuses and they take him home.  After a nights sleep those unhappy folks make him go to the ER where he is admitted and has been since Saturday.  I talked with him on the phone for awhile on Sunday and he is in good spirits.  He always is, thats one thing I love about him.  He is pretty darn honest about his situation and why he is there but you just can't be mad at him when he is stuck in the hospital!  So, long story short Grandpa could use your prayers, thoughts, etc. for the next few days.  If all goes well and his kidneys do as they are supposed to we are hoping for a Wednesday discharge!!! 

4 days until Stillwater!!! 3 until Norman!!!

Have a great Tuesday


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