Friday, October 22, 2010


1. Grandpa is doing GREAT! He was discharged on Wednesday afternoon and was out driving his land that evening. Stubborn old mad couldn't wait to check the fields :).  He didn't have to have dialysis this time around and for that we are so grateful! 

2. We are leaving in about an hour for O.K.L.A.H.O.M.A.  We will spend tonight with Luke's grandparents in Norman and head to Stillwater early Saturday morning for the game!  Can't wait to see our favorite okies!

3. Work is going well, corporate came for a visit yesterday and we seem to have passed with flying colors!  We needed a good report after months of playing catch up.  My job is SAFE!

4. Still don't know the gender of baby Walters (my niece/nephew) which is driving me nuts! I don't know how Katie is handling it, she doesn't do well with secrets/surprises like me :)  I also haven't bought anything for the baby and I LOVE a little retail therapy so this is saying alot. Everytime I see a cute little baby something I have to hold off on buying it.  Oh this child will be spoiled!!!! And I'm competing for favorite aunt with some pretty tough competition.

5. Next weekend is Bill and Erica's Wedding!  Can't wait!  Hoping to see lots of MN people in Dallas!

6. Girls weekend plans are being finalized and reservations have been made.  Only a few short weeks away, did I mention retail therapy! oh yes, and lots of food and girl talk.  BLISS!

7.  Fall has officially reached Louisiana!  The weather has been great, now if we could just get some rain life would be golden!

Ok so there it is, what has been and is happing in our world over the past/next few weeks!  Have a wonderful weekend!  Enjoy some RANDOM pictures, Luke and I have been going through old stuff and cleaning out pictures and I came across some that just make me smile.

Kato enjoying the beautiful weather :)

isn't she special

My one true love :)

some of my favorite Okies :)

the soon to be newlyweds with the soon to be parents!
- Morgan

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