Wednesday, January 19, 2011

mish mash

Our little experiment with e-mealz has been a huge success!  I think I've eaten more protein in the last two weeks than I did the entire past year.  There has only been 1 meal I didn't like and that was in the first week.  I think we even have some new "favorite" dishes.  We have gotten out of our chicken rut and have eaten, fish, chicken, pork and beef in the past two weeks!  Plus - no scrambling at 5 to come up with a dinner plan!  Have I mentioned how much we love this!??!
What's for Dinner this week
white bean chili, baked ziti, sliced bbq pork roast, baked tacos, and bbq sandwiches.

I just scheduled my Lasik appointment.  Feb. 17th at 3:30!  It was originally scheduled for next Thursday but when I realized Luke would be out of town and I would have no ride I decided it might be best to wait until next month :)  Dr. Philthy says this ophthalmologist is a stud so that makes me feel so much better!

the magic 8 ball app on my phone said that I am definitely pregnant so that is exciting - much too soon to know anything but still, if the magic 8 ball says so then it must be true.  This would mean no Lasik - but after living this long with contacts I think I can continue 9 more months :)

I officially reported to job #3 yesterday!  When I was at my Lasik screening I started chatting with the Drs wife, when she found out I was an accountant she asked if I wanted any part time work.  Of course I said yes and the rest is history.  I'll be working a few hours a week at their office helping out with some basic accounting duties.  Plus I get discounted Lasik - score!  Plus a little extra spending cash never hurts. I'll continue to work full time at HealthSouth and will still do payroll twice a month for my dad. 

Luke is still reffing 2-3 nights a week.  I try and do payroll on the nights he is gone so I can stay busy. Plus I can usually find something trashy on TV and veg for a few hours which is a nice break.  Now with the new job I don't think I'll have a problem finding something to do with my time. 
I'm not sure what we are saving up for but all this extra work will hopefully pay off and we can splurge on something fun!

  My craft room is up and running at home.  It still needs a little TLC - curtains, and some frames on the wall but the essentials are in place.  I LOVE it.  I have spent the last 2 Saturdays holed up in there.  I think it drives Luke nuts but at least I'm not bothering him while he tries to study or read.  The dogs love to come in and help out whenever I'm in there working.  Buddy has a spot picked out under the bench and Kato would like to be in my lap but will settle for laying on my feet.

Luke took this last Saturday morning!  No wonder I sleep so good!  These guys keep me nice a toasty.  Ok - we don't actually sleep like this, Kato sleeps on the floor beside me most nights and Buddy sleeps at the foot of the bed, but in the morning they are both up there ready for a good snuggle!

It has been raining for the past week.  Kato LOVES it.  We were watching her out the window the other day and she was rolling in a big mud puddle!  I was scared to let her in because I just knew she was going to make a mess of me and the bathroom when we tried to bathe her.  We tried giving her a bath and it just wasn't getting the job done so we turned on the shower and made her stand in it for awhile.  She wasn't a big fan but she smelled like strawberries for the next few hours.

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