Thursday, April 28, 2011

Home Sweet Home

For Luke and I Hesston, KS is HOME!  Our families are there, our friends and our memories.  We have LOVED being able to move around over the last few years and Ruston has really become a great home for us but nothing quite compares to Kansas!  Last weekend we packed up for a trip up north to visit and celebrate with our families.  We started out Friday at 4:30 am and arrived in Hesston about 4pm.  We dropped off the dogs with my parents and headed straight to McPherson to meet Emory Rose.  She is a PERFECT little person.  She was so content and sweet the entire weekend.  I think we heard her cry twice the entire trip. 
We got to tag along for her first "public" outing.  We ate dinner at Pizza Hut in McPherson and she did great! She was quite the trooper! 
After dinner we went back to the house for dessert and again with a perfectly content little one.  I just hope that our little one will be as easy as Emory!

Saturday was our Ultrasound in Emporia with Mandy!  I wish I would have brought my camera for a group picture.  We may have set a new record for the number of people you can cram into an exam room :)  Our little man is so loved and he isn't even here yet!  Now if we can just survive this Louisiana Summer and get to October already!  Saturday afternoon Lauren, mom and I did a little shopping while Luke and his dad golfed.  I think Luke was feeling pretty manly after learning about his son, and eagled the 18th hole at the Hesston golf course.  He was pretty excited!  All in all a good day for the Simmering Family!

Sunday we Celebrated Easter with the Raleigh family.  We hunted easter baskets and went to church as a family.  We attempted a family picture but anytime we include Grant we have to settle for what we get.  We took 3 and will be able to use 1.  Here is just a taste of what family picture time at the Raleigh Household is like. . . 
We then had lunch with extended family and spent the rest of the day watching miss Emory.  I'm sure she was glad to see us leave, every time she woke up there were several sets of eyes just staring at her! I know if would creep me out.  
We're back in our Ruston home now and looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend, but we're already looking forward to our next trip home in May!

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