Thursday, May 5, 2011

18 Weeks

How Far Along: 18 Weeks
this picture is a place holder.  Taken with a co-workers phone.  I forget to take pictures once and week so this is what we get stuck with. 
As your growing uterus starts shifting your center of gravity (belly forward, bottom out), hormones are causing your ligaments to relax and joints to loosen. The result? Back pain and soreness. On the bright side, if you want to know baby's gender, this might be your first week for a sneak peek.

Size of baby: sweet potato
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 3 lbs according to the scale at work. 

Maternity Clothes: not yet, but I have contemplated cashing in some of our discover rewards for a gift card to a maternity clothing store.  Mainly for shirts, mine still kinda fit but they are starting to get short in the front and I really don't want to be that lady walking around with half my belly hanging out below my shirt!

Gender: BOY BOY BOY!

Movement: Haven't felt it yet but I'm getting ready.  I keep telling myself it will be a few more weeks but I'd be more than thrilled to feel a little something.

Sleep: bad nights and good nights. I need a bed in my office because I think I could get the best sleep at about 2pm.  I can hardly keep my eyes open at my desk, I usually end up going for a walk around the hospital to wake myself up!

What I miss: My memory!  I couldn't remember the name of our gas company today when trying to pay bills!  I've only paid them once a month for the last year and a half.  Other than that I really don't miss too much of anything. I went with out my beloved Zofran for a week and was pretty darn miserable, again.  I convinced Dr. M I wasn't quite ready to be weaned off of it so I'm back on the magic little pill and once again food is good, and little boy is happy! 

Cravings: FRUIT! Any and all fruit!  My new favorite snack is a piece of angel food cake, topped with chocolate frozen yogurt and fresh strawberries!  Molly got me hooked on this when we were home for Easter!  I have a bowl of this after dinner every night.

Symptoms: morning sickness has once again subsided with the help of meds.  So really besides the growing belly I'm back to feeling like myself.

Best Moment This Week: We got our crib bedding and nursery inspiration in the mail this week.  

Milestones: Baby's become amazingly mobile (compared to you, at least), passing the hours yawning, hiccuping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking, and swallowing. And baby is finally big enough that you'll soon be able to feel her movements.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Getting to work on the nursery!  We received bedding and will take it to Sherwin Williams this weekend to get paint so we can knock that out over the weekend.  I can't wait to see it all coming together!

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