Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blue Box Blues

I've got 'em! In the worst kinda of way!  I have a craving for mac and cheese that will NOT go away.  I don't want the good, homemade fresh from the oven mac and cheese either - I want the cheap blue box powdered cheese kind.  And I prefer to eat it the next day.  Reheated mac and cheese just can not be beat!  I know it's kinda gross but I ate some at 10:30 this morning and had a helping with dinner the past couple of nights.  I need this to end, it kinda grosses me out but I just can't stop thinking about how badly I NEED to get some.  Good thing Luke keeps me stocked with a fresh batch on a regular basis!
google image
I know at this point you just want to point and laugh but guess what - I'm pregnant so you have to be nice to me! ha!!!


  1. This is my favorite! I eat it several times a week! Yummmmy!

    Taylor R

  2. I'm just jealous that you crave something!