Friday, May 27, 2011

Beautiful People

and Random thoughts/happenings around the Simmering house.

  • Luke got to feel our little boy moving around last night!  I had a Dr. Pepper with dinner in hopes that the caffeine would get him dancing.  It worked - and it was so much fun for Luke to get to feel him partyin'.
  • I have had REALLY REALLY weird dreams the past few nights.  I woke up quite concerned one morning that our son was stuck down around my hip bone and I couldn't get him back to my tummy area.  It was really weird, he was stuck and we could see a perfect little baby outline in the tight skin around my hip.  I couldn't get him to move back to my Big Ole belly for the life of me.  Thank Goodness I woke up from that one!  The second in the string of odd dreams was more of a nightmare!  In my dream I sold Buddy!!!  I sold him to my college roommate Ashley.  She was living with another lady and a small girl and none of them were the least bit concerned with his severe allergies.  I kept telling them to call Marion (our vet) but they wouldn't listen.  I actually woke up in a panic until I found him under the bed.  He spent the rest of the night cuddled up with me!  
  • I had my hair chopped off as soon as we got home from the wedding!  I really like it and I think it will be perfect for the summer! I can get up and get ready so much quicker now that I don't have all that hair to mess with!
  • work has been crazy busy this week and I'm in NEED of the long weekend!  As I get more info I'll fill ya'll in but while I was in Kansas our hospital was sold to a new company and we are now in a transition phase.  I really think it is going to be a great change and the new company appears to be a good company and an even better fit for our hospital.  Everything will be official and we will all be employees of the new company on August 1st.  This throws a wrench in a few maternity leave ideas so I'm hoping to get a chance to discuss some options once we get things settled down and I have a good contact at corporate.
  • We are still looking for child care once our little one arrives.  I think that we have a daycare lined out at a church here in town if all else fails.  The supervisor didn't think it would be any problem to get him in around the first of the year, but since I will most likely be taking a shorter maternity leave now I will need assistance for that in-between phase.  I'm just hoping/praying that I'll be able to bring him to work with me like I want too!  Living in a small town that we aren't native too makes finding the right person a difficult task!  I feel like we would have such an easier time if we were living around home where we know people!
  • We are planning to begin our registries this weekend.  I think our plan is to do one at Target and one online through Amazon.  I figured that would allow all of our family and friends from LA to MN and everywhere in between to find a store or website that is easily accessible.

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