Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day!  Luke made me banana nut muffins and served them to me with grape juice in bed, after a little cuddle time from Buddy and Kato!  After a lazy morning we headed to Monroe to continue the spoiling.  I've been craving a "good" salad so we went to Pie Works and I devoured a Greek Salad and bread-sticks.  I'm not sure how I managed to eat so much and not get sick,  I guess our little guy is a fan of the Greeks too.  Our mission for the day was to get swim suits a crib mattress, and a phone case for me. I got a new phone for work and I'm trying to treat it a little better than my last few.  I've been dreading maternity clothes, which includes swim suits but I had on my big girl panties and was ready to face the challenge.  My fighter spirit was broken quickly when I got to the mall.  The maternity stores are just too overwhelming right now and since Target doesn't have maternity swimsuits in the store I came home with out one.  Luke doesn't understand why I can't just wear one of my old suits.  I know other pregnant women wear a bikini while pregnant but I just can't do it.  Right now I just appear to have a major beer gut and I'm just not really all about sharing it with complete strangers at the pool.  I refuse to go until I have a suit to COVER all of me!  I have strict orders to get something online today so we can be at the pool next weekend.  Now, don't start feeling too sorry for us, we didn't come home completely empty handed, Luke got a swim suit, I got a new polka dot case for the phone and we purchased a crib mattress!  I believe there is nothing more satisfying that making our little boys bed.  I had so much fun, his room is painted, crib is up and bed it made!  Buddy tried the crib out and seems to think it will work for our little one.  All is Good!  Now we just need to get through the summer and get him here!

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