Friday, August 6, 2010

The Beginning

Well, I'm not real sure where to begin. The logical spot would of course be the beginning, but with us I'm not even sure when or where that was. There have just been so many new beginnings with us. So I'll go back 2 years ago to the beginning of Mr. and Mrs. Simmering!
Year 18.8.8-8.8.9
The day after our wedding we packed up and headed for Minnesota. We spent a few days in northern MN for our Honeymoon and then headed home to Mankato, MN. We spent our first year FREEZING to death in the great north and LOVED it! We made many trips to Hesston during the year. We also found some time to vacation in St. Lucia and Duluth, MN and took road trips to OK, KS, and IL to see friends get married. In May Luke graduated with his Masters in I/O Psychology, I finished work at Larson Allen and we began the search for a more permanent home. Luke did some contract work for various consulting firms and even did started his own company helping golf courses with their customer satisfaction. I worked MAYB tournaments and we waited.

Honeymoon in Walker, MN

Winter in MN. Luke and Buddy enjoying the ride up at Mount Kato.

My boys enjoying a summer evening in Mankato! Hard to beat!
Year 28.8.9-8.8.10
Around the time of our first anniversary we made a BIG decision, and the waiting was over. Luke would continue on in school to get his PhD. We had discussed this possibility for years. Even before we were married we knew this was something he wanted to do eventually. The timing was perfect, so in October the three of us (Luke, Buddy, and I) packed up our belongings and moved to Ruston.........LOUISIANA! Yes that is right we moved from one extreme to the other, Minnesota to Louisiana! Call us crazy, it's OK, we know we are.
I was blessed to land a job with a GREAT company right after we moved; in fact we hadn't even unpacked when I got the offer! Working at Impact made the move go so much better. We were instantly part of a family! We also added a new member to our family shortly after moving. Kato is our newest family member and spoiled rotten just like her brother Buddy :)
A few months after being in Ruston we made another BIG decision. It was time to buy a house! We looked and looked but never found THE one. We even decided the timing wasn't right and decided to stop looking. However, that same day I was coming home for lunch and noticed that the house across the street from our rental had a for sale sign, I emailed our realtor and had him show it to us that evening. We made an offer that DAY! Three weeks later we moved in and haven't looked back since!
No more had we settled into the house and I get a job offer from a local hospital. A job I applied for and interviewed for months before. I had written the job off and thought I wasn't qualified enough, well lo and behold I got the job and started May. I'm now working for HealthSouth as the hospitals accountant. I LOVE IT. This is the job I went to school for. It is busy and stressful and keeps me on my toes. Who could ask for more?
Now, I know that our lives seem pretty darn perfect, and while that is mostly true we have had our misfortunes. The past few months have been challenging around the Simmering household. We have been riding a pretty big wave of emotions. We found out we were pregnant in early May. Needless to say we were thrilled. I want to be a mommy SOSOSOSOSO badly and the time was finally right. Wrong. I miscarried at seven weeks. We were upset but know that these things happen for a reason. We were given the green light by the Dr. to try again as soon as we were ready. Well again we got good news in early July, we were 7 weeks pregnant and thrilled. Wrong. I miscarried again at 7 weeks. We were lucky enough to be headed home that week any way for a wedding and there was nothing I wanted more than to be with my family in Hesston. The weekend was a perfect time to recoup and move on. We are waiting again for the green light and for that time when we get to bring home our baby, but for now we keep on spoiling our four legged children!
Now back to the good stuff. Life in Louisiana. We LOVE it. Everything about it. The winter - GREAT! The food - Fried! The people - AMAZING! We are LUCKY to have landed in Ruston. Of all the places Luke interviewed Ruston is perfect for us!

Baby Kato!
The babies enjoying their big new backyard!
Home Sweet Home Arcadia Drive!
OK, so beginning to current - there is the story of Mr. and Mrs. Simmering!
I'm not sure what years 3+ will bring but I can't wait to find out..............


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