Friday, August 13, 2010

MY School

Last night Luke and I attended The Happening. For those of you not from the LaTech family you are probably clueless, as was I. The Happening is "from my experience" a fund raiser/kick-off event for the LaTech Football Season. In my case it was an excuse to put on a nice dress, heels and get a little dolled up. If you've seen me at work recently you know I now need an excuse for this. I don't do it often.

my handsome date :)
We had a fancy meal, yummy dessert and listened to the president, football coach and Terry Bradshaw speak. Terry Bradshaw was the main event and an amazing speaker, we were rolling on the floor, but he was also very passionate.
our entertainment for the evening.

He spoke of his love for his school, family and friends which got me thinking about my school, family and friends.

My family - well they are the BEST. I couldn't ask for a better group of people, heck, I was even lucky enough to marry into an amazing family. I could go on and on about how great my family is but that really isn't the point of this post. 

My friends, old and new, are an amazing support; they have made me the person I am today. I couldn't imagine life without these people.

And my school! I LOVE my school. Now, just to be clear when I say my school I of course mean the OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY and I DO love this school. I have so many fond memories of Stillwater. The color orange will forever be my favorite color and I will always have a not-so-secret desire to move back. This event last night got me so excited for Football season, I think at one point in the evening I even had goose bumps! That is how excited I was. Living hours upon hours away from Stillwater means not visiting often, so football season is the best time of the year for us to reconnect with our school. We get to watch OSU football each Saturday and it just instantly takes us back to game day in Stillwater. They always show images of campus and of the fans, tailgaters and our extended OSU family. This year we are close enough that we get to go back for Homecoming! I’ve already got my countdown going in my calendar at work!

Listening to Terry Bradshaw last night you could feel his passion, one that I don’t think many people experience in relation to their college, but one that I could relate to. I know that at Oklahoma State other people left with that same bond. There is just something about Stillwater that draws you in, you never want to leave and you are instantly a part of this family. A family bigger and crazier than mine, and I love it. I love everything about it. I hope that each of you has this type of passion for something, it doesn’t have to be your school but that there is something out there that just gets you excited and makes you smile each and every time you think about it. I’ll leave you with some pictures of my school……………

Our BEAUTIFUL Campus.  This is the Library.
the new and improved stadium.
the fountain, I loved when they would make the water Orange for Homecoming and other BIG events!

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