Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quick Update

Good News for those of you dying to know what we've been up too recently............................... It's time for an Update!

After a successful bathroom update we joined our friends and neighbors for a trip to Landry's Vineyard in Monroe to celebrate Lynsey's Birthday.  We enjoyed the scenery, live music and food.  As well as grape stomping for the ladies!
View from our table
recent harvest
stomping the recent harvest
Thank Lynsey for the pics, I forgot my camera :)
Last week I had work in Birmingham, AL and since Luke is currently on summer break from his classes he was able to get away from the office to join me.  We drove Monday morning and while I worked the remainder of the week Luke golfed.  Which I don't really consider fair, I'll make sure and bring that up next time I want something :)  I finished up my training on Thursday and we headed to Afton, OK (Monkey Island) for a weekend with MoJo (Molly and John) and the Walters (Katie and Philly)!  Of course we had a blast!  Luke and his parents fished while I supervised.
John's big one for the day
Molly's GIANT!

The boys spent the rest of their day on dry land working on their golf game while us girls solved the worlds problems in the comfort of  a/c!  We were sad to leave on Sunday but had work to get back to on Monday!  The countdown to labor day vacation has already begun!

- Morgan

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