Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wouldn't have made it with out Him

This past week has been a LONG one.  I was incredibly busy at working and spent evenings either at the office or at home on the computer working on our hospitals budget for 2011.  I am ALMOST done, just a few more items to enter before it is due tonight!  Then the budget reviews begin and the nightmare will begin again, but for now - there is a light at the end of this tunnel.  I would have gone crazy this week had it not been for Luke.  He has been amazing, he always is but he stepped it up this past week.  I'll give you a few examples and let you judge for yourself.

I have my cake decorating class on Wednesday evenings but had 0 time to make the cupcakes required for this weeks lesson.  I needed 6 cupcakes, 3-4 colors of frosting, a filler, and all of my decorating supplies.  Luke made my cupcakes, vanilla pudding for my filling and purchased from the craft section the exact icing I needed for class. If that isn't going above and beyond I'm not sure what is.  
my attempt at cupcakes.
On Thursday I worked 7-7 Luke even brought me lunch to work so I didn't have to leave and take time out of my hectic day.  When I got home that evening dinner was waiting on me.  Luke had grilled  chicken, cheesy pasta/broccoli, dinner rolls and salads waiting on me.  We were able to enjoy an evening outside on our deck and playing fetch with the dogs.  He knew exactly how to make a bad day end well.  Although I did have to do a little more work before bed I was much less stressed than I would have been with out his help.
Friday started off early!  I was at work by about 5:45 and worked until 6pm.  It was another LONG day. Again, Luke had dinner prepared and waiting on me.  We had chicken stuffed with cream cheese and olives, steamed veggies, and of course rolls!  Delicious!  That evening we got to chat with Mary and Andy via Skype.  This was a first for us and also our first time meeting Andy!  They were very patient with us as we gave them a tour of our house and struggled with our new web cam :).  So if anyone wants the tour, we are pretty good at it now.

We both worked our butts off. So I guess what I'm saying is I want a little credit for this too.  Luke did the cutting and hard stuff while I did the detail work.  I would measure and hammer the boards into place so they were exactly where I wanted them.  
We went from this
to this....
and finally after a long days work
to this...
excuse Buddy, he somehow manages to creep into every picture.  He likes to be right where the action is.  He thinks he is helping and we don't tell him any different :)  We rewarded ourselves with a nice dinner out and then came back home where I had a few hours of work to do (hopefully this is not going to become a trend).

As you can see Luke had a heck of a week taking care of me! 

5 days till we are on the lake again celebrating Labor Day weekend!  Can't Wait!


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  1. Your floor looks great! Good job, guys!

    Hopefully you'll get some time to rest soon...