Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Post

Ok so I am feeling a little bad for unloading last time.  I'm not an uphappy person! I promise!  Here are some good things that happened last week/weekend

- today is Luke's 25th Birthday
this means I'm no longer older than him.  I like being the same age :)
- painted our laundry room turquoise
(Luke was gone and I was worried he may not be a fan but he LOVES it)
- organized/cleaned our bedroom closet and dressers
- organized/cleaned the laundry room
- organized/cleaned out our important papers file
- organized/cleaned our pantry
- made cute little garden stakes to identify our veggies
- made Luke a carrot cake from scratch for his BDay
(we will salvage it by cutting off the part Kato ate)
- finally made a collage with scrapbook paper for some 16x20 frames I have hanging in our hallway
(one of my favorite projects I've done to date. I'll have to try and get a pic of it to share)
- took a hot shower and a steaming hot bath!
- started and finished Hunger Games! I LOVE this book

- started Catching Fire book II in the Hunger Games trilogy!

P.S. I have a secret I'm hoping to share soon!  No it isn't what you are thinking, but still a fun one!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL Day too!

- Morgan

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