Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend of Surprises

The first surprise came on Wednesday of last week.  Here is how it all went down :) I'm sitting at work minding my own business when my dad calls with exciting news and a secret.  Kevin, my little sisters boyfriend is proposing on Friday and my dad just wants me to know before hand that they will all be meeting (surprising) Lauren and Kevin afterwards for dinner to celebrate.  So before I know what I'm doing I buy a plane ticket for Wichita, I didn't think about it or worry about money I just bought a ticket.  I'm NOT a spur of the moment kind of person, I'm an accountant for crying out loud.  I only do things after weighing all my options consulting with Luke and sleeping on the idea for a few nights. NOT THIS TIME!
That is the point of the story incase you didn't get it already!  

Now, you are caught up and I can tell the story........
Friday I arrive in Wichita around 10:30am, my mom picks me up from the airport and takes me home.  We meet dad and Taylor for lunch and kill time waiting for Lauren to get off work and ultimatly for her hysterical phone call we know we will be getting soon!  While killing time Taylor and I decide that we want to go wedding dress shopping while I'm around so we schedule a few appointments for Saturday and continue to wait.  Soon after 4:30 Taylor gets the call.  We all have to keep quiet because Lauren still thinks I'm i LA.  I get the call next and play it off GREAT! She has NO idea I'm in KS!  We all pile in the car and head to P.F. Changs to meet the happy couple.  We were seated at the first table so they couldn't miss us when they came in. It was a great surprise!  Lots of tears from me and Lauren. This may have been the first time in my life I've kept a secret long enough to see it pay off in the end! 
Saturday was a much needed Raleigh girls day! Can't remember the last time we had a day to do as we pleased!  It was so refreshing.  I needed some mom and sister time more than I would ever admit!  Lauren tried on some beautiful dresses and may have even found THE ONE!  She will be the most beautiful bride ever! Can't wait for May 20 2011 to roll around!   
one happy family!
the happy couple
and THE RING!  he did Good!

Hope your weekend was one to celebrate as well!


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