Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pity Party

Do you ever have one of those day, or weeks, etc. where it seems NOTHING goes your way.    Well I've had a string of those days recently.  I think the score is life: 50000000 v morgan: 0.
I like to think that I handle stress pretty well, I really kinda thrive on it a bit.  But there comes a time when enough is enough.  
The last straw was this weekend.  I'll condense this store into the short version to help save some time and frustration of me reliving this series of events.  Luke and I got home from a weekend at the lake late on Monday.  We each took a shower and didn't think anything of it.  When I woke up the next morning for work there was NO hot water for my shower!  We blew it off and figured the pilot light was out for some odd reason.  Luke was gonna take a look when he got home that afternoon.  When  I met him over lunch he was frustrated because the pilot light wouldn't stay lit.  He had tried everything.  I called our home warranty company to schedule an appt. for Wednesday.  No luck, they can't be here until Thursday morning.  We deal with it and take freezing cold showers on Wednesday.  Thursday I head off to work a little early knowing that I'll have to come back home to meet the plumber when they arrive.  I get to work and I'm just trucking along when I realize its almost lunch time and NO plumber yet!  I call to check on them, they were supposed to be at my house by 8am.  Regardless I come home that afternoon to let them in and they fix it!!!  I go back to work and don't think anymore of it.  When I get home Luke has it apart again and is getting madder by the min.  The pilot light was out again when he got home and won't stay lit.  The plumber did NOTHING and I paid him for it!  I called back and got the run around by the secretary.  I finally got her to schedule me an apt with the owner of the little plumbing company for first thing Friday morning.  Friday morning was a nightmare in and of itself trying to get Luke to MN for fall conference so when the plumber still hadn't shown up by 10 am I was not happy.  I had a meeting with our department heads in which I was to be explaining financial statements so that they can work on their budgets.  I missed it!!  Did I mention I missed the last two leadership meetings because I was out of town!  This meeting was called last min. and I didn't know since I was sitting at home waiting.  I finally decide to go back to work and wait there.  By the time I leave a 4 there is STILL NO PLUMBER!  We have now been with out hot water for almost 4 days!  There are dishes piled up, dirty clothes needing washed, and me...... I feel gross. A cold shower may be doable for some people but I am not a fan.  I don't feel clean when I get out and I'm frozen not relaxed and renewed like you are supposed to be when you get out of the shower!  Needless to say I have called Lowes and they have the part I need and I will have Luke replace it when he gets home.  I WILL be calling both the company and the home warranty company to complain.  I painted and worked outside in the LA heat all weekend thinking that I would have HOT water by the end of each day.  NOPE!If you live in the Ruston, LA area I recommend you steer clear of ROWE Plumbing from Jonesboro.  Terrible customer service.  They have promised me 3 days in a row that they will be there and then no show.
Ok, lets see what else.  Luke has been gone all weekend.  I normally enjoy some time alone and I had plans to spend the day in Monroe on Sat. but with the plumber fiasco I had to stay home and wait.  Cancelled my me time in Monroe.  Those of you that know Luke, you know that he doesn't talk on the phone so I was on my own this weekend.  I mean that, I believe I called him close to 20 times trying to get him to call the plumber and he doesn't answer.  I know this about him but it is still FRUSTRATING when I'm stuck at the house.
and the event that caused me to break into tears...... Kato took a nice big bite out of the Birthday cake that I made for Luke today.

Homemade carrot cake, his favorite.  3 layers with cream cheese frosting and covered with pecans.  And she did this!  That is when I lost it.  
I had a good cry, everyone needs one every now and again right.  I've been holding this one in for a long time and it was time.  I cried for my last 2 miscarriages, I cried because everyone is pregnant but me, I cried for the cake, and the unwashed dishes, and dirty laundry, I cried cause I miss Luke and because I'm mad at him for leaving me on my own even though I thought I was ready.  I feel so much better.  If you haven't cried in awhile - do it.  It is almost as rejuvenating as a hot shower.


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