Monday, August 15, 2011

Playing Catch Up.......

I can't remember exactly where we left off last time and as you can tell I haven't taken the time to look :) Let't not call it lazy, we'll go with easily distracted.  As you may recall way back when we had our ultrasounds Dr. M moved our due date up to September 29th.  Since then I've continued to use the original October 5 due date but I just can't seem to continue.  I am due on September 29th, Dr. M has made comments about having this little boy here by the end of September.  I've committed myself to this date and now I just pray that I don't go past it or I'll be kicking myself for ever straying from the original, safe October date.

With all that said I'm now 33 weeks and finally feeling Great!

I'll get back to the weekly updates when we hit 34 weeks as long as I'm not being distracted ;)

We had an amazing weekend in Hesston, celebrating with family and friends the impending arrival of our little William.  We traveled home with TONS of new baby gear that will require a post all its own.  I've been slowly going through it and trying to organize and reorganize his room to find the perfect spot for all of this great stuff!  Luke is on "break" for the next 3 weeks which means he will have even more projects around the house to fit in around his dissertation and golf digest work.  Tomorrow he will be building a shelving unit for the laundry room, and installing new blinds/shades in Williams room.  I haven't even begun to dream of all the little projects but I know they will probably all be related to creative storage solutions.  Pinterest will be my friend as I search for DIY storage ideas and he may hate it by the end of this little break but I just blame it on William and he can't say no!!

I promise a catch up post on showers and life at 33+ weeks pregnant!  Until then enjoy our materity pictures by the talented DeAnn Arnold.
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