Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I am starving!  I can't seem to control my hunger.  I was just telling a coworker about dinner last night and became slightly embarrassed as I started to realize everything I ate!  So while I'm already embarrassed I'll just share with the world what I ate last night.  I started the evening out with a fudge pop.  Just to tide me over while making dinner :)  Then had a nice heaping bowl of pasta salad with extra cheese and turkey pepperoni.  With dinner I devoured 2 cucumbers in vinegar, buttermilk, salt and pepper.  Washed that all down with about 1/2 a bag of baked lays chips and then ended the evening with another fudge pop just for kicks.  Today has been worse and I haven't even made it home from work yet.  But I will let you know that my day has consisted of donuts, easy mac, fried chicken, yams and corn bread.  There is more but that will be my secret.  
I think the nurse may have a small heart attack when I step on the scale at my appointment this afternoon!

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