Thursday, June 30, 2011


Luke and I need HELP in our living room.  We have a few walls that are driving us nuts.  Recently I've been on a cleaning and decluttering spree and this first wall is just not right.  I was going for organized chaos when I did it but I just have never liked it.  I've tried several arrangements and I just can't seem to make this wall collage thing work for me.  Can you help?!?  Take a look, what do you think would be a good use of this space.  I'm willing to start from scratch.

This second wall used to be filled with a desk hutch.  Once again it has been an eye sore since we moved in and decided to have the desk in the living room.  We finally got around to taking it down and I LOVE the open space but feel like it is a little bare now.  Should we put something there or leave it as a blank canvas?  I was thinking maybe some floating shelves or something for a few pictures but I'm also planning to do that in the nursery so maybe I just have that on the brain.  Again, all you creative people out there get to work and help me come up with a plan.  I'm an accountant for crying out loud - not an interior decorator, so stop judging me :)

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  1. i've been wanting to do a "gallery wall" but am scared to screw it up so if anyone offers to help you please send them my way when you're done with them! :)