Monday, June 6, 2011

Nursery Excitement

Our glider came in today!
ain't she a beauty!
I just got an email that it is ready and waiting and I can't wait to go and get it.  I even called Luke to see if he wanted to meet me for lunch and pick it up.  Being the calm reasonable one he reminded me that it may require some assembly and we should wait until we could enjoy the process this evening!  So I'm pretty sure I'll be leaving work early because I know this afternoon will DRAG on.  I'm like a little kid on Christmas morning, I can't wait to get furniture in the nursery and see it all come together!  So far we have painted the walls, made and hung fabric covered valance boxes for the windows, put the crib together and we are waiting on the glider and changing table.  Once those things arrive this week it will really start to look like Williams room instead of a blank canvas.  I'll try and get some pictures this weekend of our most recent projects and new furniture!  ahahahahhhhh it is really starting to feel real.  There really is going to be a little boy sleeping in this room before too long!  I know I say that every other day but the littlest things just get me so excited!!

Here is the changer we are patiently awaiting

P.S. I have heard rumors that my sweet Emory has rolled over and that it has been caught on tape.  Katie - I NEED to see this video!

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