Tuesday, March 22, 2011

7 weeks/heartbeat

so we have officially made it to the 7 week mark.  I can't help but have mixed emotions about this week.  Also, known as the week I lost my first 2 pregnancies.  But - we have good news.  Ziggy has decided to stick around past the 7 week mark!  We had our first appointment with Dr. M on Valentines day and he said things look great!  But, because he is an amazing Dr. and knows that we are freaking out alot he scheduled an ultrasound for Thrusday the 17th and we got to see and hear little Ziggy's heart beat!  Talk about unreal, it was a strong 150 beats per min.  I couldn't talk, all I could do was watch and listen to the most amazing thing I'd ever heard - my baby's heart beat!  I am already looking forward to our next appointment so I can hear it again!  
7 Weeks

Please ignore me in the pictures to come - I feel worse than I look I promise, and yes I know what that means.  In most of my weekly pictures I feel like death warmed over.  But I'm being a trooper and am determined to keep up with my weekly pictures so that I can get them all into a scrap book to look back on and enjoy at a later date.

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